A new site with a new webhost

So we are back with a new webhost review. The first thing on the new blog is going to be a review of Greengeeks. If you haven’t already heard of them, it’s a green hosting service. I had the chance to take a look at their services. This post is a result of that.

GreenGeeks is considered to be a quite newly established web hosting provider, and quickly has grown into a very successful green hosting company. The success of GreenGeeks is primarily due to its superior standards and ever bettering service, as well as the real utilization of renewable energy. I am not surprised by this in the least, and if you read my review, you will know the reason.

GreenGeeks Plan – Price

12 months plan – $5.95/month
24 months plan – $4.95/month

What are the advantages of GreenGeeks?

Bargain-priced eco-friendly hosting. This company allows you to have every necessary tool and information to make your online presence seamless.

Customers enjoy industry standard hosting capabilities: unlimited bandwidth and space, simple set-up of the top blog and CMS applications and several web shopping services.

When you host at GreenGeeks, every site is powered by 300% green energy. That’s right, not 100 or 200, it’s 300%!

How is this possible? Well, GreenGeeks substitutes the power use of the machines with 3 times as much eco-friendly wind energy. If you want a little bit more proof, than what is in the ads, take a look at GreenGeeks’ green energy certificates. If you look at it, there is nothing to further explain, I am converted.

Because of this, there is no question, GreenGeeks would be the Earth-friendly hosting provider on the planet.

Hassle-free web hositng with 99.9% uptime guarantee

Another advantage of Green Geeks Hosting is the reliablility I get from them. Based on the information found on their site, Green Geeks has the latest servers and net connection. Additionally, they do day-to-day backups.
It is very good, as I don’t need to think abou my websites at all.

What are the MINUSES of Green Geeks?

The company is very fresh, an it implies they don’t have a lot of business experience.

Bottom line is Green Geeks is a really good hosting provider, my one worry is they are fresh. Green Geeks introduced the business not long ago and I think not everything is as stable as they want.